Want to BouNCE? (Boundaries, Negotiation, Consent, Expectations)

Can we live in a world where we are open and honest about our desires? Where we ask ourselves what we want and choose whether to express it to? Where we can be trusted to hear and say ‘no’ while still maintaining loving connection with our partner, or partners? How often do you ask yourself what you desire, what you want? Are you good at asking for it? How do we help build a culture around sex and relationships that is safer and more joyful to live in?

Come and explore with us these questions and others at this Sunday afternoon playshop. We have a series of experiential exercises for you to use and explore together.

You will bring your curiosity, your sense of play, and your desire to be a part of building a better, safer more exciting sexy world together.


Q – Do I need a partner or can I come by myself?
A – Feel free to join the class with a partner, a friend or by yourself. And remember, how you approach your interactions is entirely up to you.

Q – Is this an inclusive event and a safe space?
A – Definitely. All colors of the rainbow are welcome. Consent is mandatory for us.

Q: What should I wear and bring?
A: Please arrive clean, wear comfortable clothing and bring a notepad, pen and water.

Q: What should I do if I become uncomfortable?
A: If your discomfort is due to another person’s behavior, please speak to the person and feel free to raise it with the group if needed. If you feel uncomfortable with the subject matter, feel overwhelmed, or otherwise wish to stop participating, you are free to pause at any time, with the option to rejoin or step away as you feel led.