Many thanks for being such a great host/educator in last Saturday's session.
It was very informative and your techniques were so easy to follow.
And thanks again for making the room/event feel like a fully safe environment where we could just be us (even in our most vulnerable nakedness).
Sarah and I both learnt a great deal about what you taught...and also about ourselves individually. All very positive.

Billy November 22, 2018

An excellent workshop on the introduction of Yoni and Lingam Massage. Dan & Elisa compliment each other's style well in their presentation and demonstration of this valuable material with a very down to earth and practical approach - then following through with good guided practice for students to integrate into their own practice. Looking forward to more workshops with Intimate Horizons!!

Dyer A. L. November 22, 2018

I attended a workshop facilitated by Dan and Elisa at Intimate Horizons and was impressed by their level of knowledge and professionalism.

Chiu L. November 22, 2018

Elisa and Dan create a great atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and really encourages learning. I really enjoyed the massage workshops and will definitely be coming back to explore other workshops!

Blayze P. November 22, 2018

One of the most Amazing workshops I've been to! I had been reading up on the subject of Yoni and Lingam Massage but it was really through this workshop that I got a more indepth understanding! The practical side of things was excellent. With visuals, demonstrations on toys, as well as our own explorations, this workshop was so informative and the facilitators were so lovely!

Rebecca R. November 22, 2018

I was really impressed with how Dan & Elisa created a warm and inviting atmosphere for the Yoni & Lingam Massage workshops. They managed the balance between education and practical experience very well. I was particularly impressed with how they led the group through boundary setting and "what to do" questions. I felt very comfortable and safe in both workshops. The level of respect created encouraged me to let go and feel the experience, which was wonderful in both workshops.

Neil G. November 22, 2018

It was really educational and informative. Very welcoming environment.

Monique J. November 22, 2018

I did the Yoni massage course with Elisa last year, helping out as a mate as a last minute stand in and I have to honestly say I wasn't really expecting to have such a memorable experience. It taught me a lot about vulva anatomy, which was really educational and useful in itself, but when the actual session started I was blown away by the extent to which it left me feeling a whole range of emotions and sensations and was an overall healing experience I feel. Being touched in my genital area in a massage by someone with no ulterior motive for anything for themselves was amazing. Just receiving touch, it is weird how therapeutic that was. It was definitely a worthwhile course and one I would really recommend.

Alicia B. November 22, 2018

Learnt so much in the art of Yoni massage and origins. Thanks Elisa and Kat for an informative and loving session that broaden my horizons.

Sarah H. November 22, 2018

The Yoni massage surprisingly was a piece of cake. Totally comfortable, enlightenment and pleasurable.  The facilitator is great and knows what she is talking about.

Sina C. November 22, 2018