Private coaching

Intimate Horizons vision for human sexuality is one of openness and freedom, shameless and fearless.
We get that the world isn’t quite there yet, and for that reason we offer an alternative learning experience for people who are not prepared to attend a workshop.
We offer private coaching sessions for all of our workshop content, and are happy to tailor the content to provide exactly the learning experience you’re looking for. Whether you’re only interested in part of the content, are uncomfortable workshopping in a group, prefer the full attention of your instructor or have personal reasons to keep your explorations more private, we’re happy to work with you to provide a path to knowledge.
Dan an Elisa bring a combined decade of private and professional experience, including leading workshops and personal participation in all of our workshop content. We are deeply committed to expanding the portfolio of human experience, and it is very likely that we can work with you to build a learning experience that meets your needs.
Our coaching sessions come in two primary flavors:
  • a directive session, which is demonstration and advice
  • and a somatic session, which includes physically, directly working with the coach.
Rates for directive sessions are $150 for one hour, and $100 for each additional hour.
Rates for somatic sessions are $250 for one hour and $200 for each additional hour.
Please use our Contact page to inquire about private coaching. We look forward to hearing from you and crafting a lesson that expands your horizons.