Here at Intimate Horizons, we consider ourselves culture warriors.

Seeking to build safe, open, powerful and growth-driven communities, we hope to dissolve barriers and celebrate differences in color and culture, body shape and gender, preferences and boundaries.

We encourage and seek to model shameless, respectful, and sensitive discussion of sexuality.

We advocate and seek to model an empowered culture of consent, where enthusiasm is prized and boundaries are sacred.

We explore and seek to model a wide spectrum of sexual expression, opening hearts and minds to new avenues of sensation.

It is our calling to open new horizons for ourselves and our communities. We would be humbled and thrilled to have you share the journey.

Here a List of our main workshops/events:

Yoni and Lingam Massage 

Female Ejaculation and Prostate Massage

Sensory Deprivation for beginners

Advanced Sensory Deprivation: Mummification

Sense Immersion – Alternative Speed Dating

Touch with Intent (Sensual Massage)

Want to BouNCE? (Boundaries, Negotiation, Consent, Expectations)

Love Taps (intro to impact play)

Dancing with ropes

How to create your Kinky Scene

Kink and Intimacy Day/Week End

and more. 

We are always looking for new venue in Australia e new collaborations around the world. Contact us here if you like to work with us. Send us few words about you and your activity and how we can help each other.