Sensory Speed Dating

Join us for a date or five! This lighthearted, scientific “speed dating” even will introduce you to new people in ways you’ve only imagined. Feed grapes to a stranger, learn how your brain responds to smell, free your senses to experience your body and your responses in many new ways.

At the end of the event you can give to us the result of your speed dating, a list with the people you are interested in, and ONLY if you match each other, you both will be contacted by email within 24 hours. The rest is up to you…

In this class, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know other participants via all five of your senses. Meet someone by smell, learn them by touch, and say see-you-later with your eyes. Welcome to the feast of the mind! 

This is not a classic speed dating but is an educational event. You may find your next lover, or best friend, or just discover something new about yourself and other people.

Q – Will this be a “real” speed dating event? 
A – While we are excited at the possibility you will have to meet new friends, our desire for this workshop is that you try a fuller measure of yourself. Feel free to mingle, but if your only new relationship is with your own nose or ears, we’ll call that a win!

Q – Can I come with a partner or a friend?
A – Absolutely! You will be asked to mingle with everyone, but how you approach your interactions is entirely up to you.

Q – Is this an inclusive event and a safe space?
A – Definitely. All colors of the rainbow are welcome. We will run the participants through an introduction to consent culture before the experience section of the class.

Q – What will we be doing?
A – The main part of the workshop will be a series of “dates” in which you will team up with another participant, and we will lead you through a shared sensory experience together. Then on to the next date! Each date will rotate through exercises meant to stimulate each of the five primary senses.

Q – What will I learn?
A – You will learn how your senses change your mindset and alter your behaviour. You will gain new information on how other humans respond to you as a stimulus, and how to be more aware of your own responses and those of the people around you. Hopefully you will also have a great time.